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Power Brick II

Power Brick II

  • Brand::Portronics
  • Product Code: POR 1211 (Black) , POR 1212(White) , POR 1213(Blue)
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  • ₹1,999
  • ₹899

Model Power Brick II
Product Code POR 1211 (Black) , POR 1212(White) , POR 1213(Blue)
  • ThunderBolt Charging with 10000 mAh Battery - Charging with lightning speed became much easier and more hands-on. The usual porting is definitely a cumbersome process but nevertheless, power banks have become the new normal! Power Brick II has an ultra-efficient and powerful 10000 mAh Power bank battery that not only allows lightning-fast charging but also does it in record time! The power bank will be an essential addition to your list of smart gadgets and will definitely make life more portable!
  • Dual Input and Output Ports - Power Brick II has an efficient working system that allows for optimal performance. This includes the most intrinsic feature of the power bank, which is having dual input and output ports that can charge a Type C device and a Micro-enabled device at once with an output of 5V/2.4A total power distribution.
  • Supports Android & iOS Charging - Power Brick II is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and it ensures that they are charged optimally. Usually, with general power banks, the issue of sustainable charging becomes a sore point. To avoid the same scenario, Power Brick II would absolutely serve the purpose.
  • Scratch Resistant - The Power Brick II has been crafted with the latest coating technology which works in preserving the body against weathering. Even after it is roughly handled, the body of the power bank remains scratch-free.
  • Lightweight - The power bank has been built to last and is extremely lightweight even after possessing a higher threshold battery. Usually, power banks with higher battery mAh tend to have heavier bodies but this power bank is definitely an exception. You can carry it around even if you are lagging on space.
  • LED Indicator - The Power Brick II has an LED Indicator to showcase the different percentages of charging throughout its charging. This way you can make efficient use of the power bank as you'll know when your device is powered up. The sustainability of the power bank is hard.
  • Wake Up Button - Smart features are definitely an add and this precise feature is no different. You can now know when you need to plug in your discharged device and how smartly it wakes up quite an exception!
  • 12-months Warranty